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New species of red pipefish discovered in Sydney - Stigmatopora harastii

Meet a new species of pipefish discovered in NSW and was officially named Stigmatopora harastii. On Tuesday 17 November 2020 the paper describing it was published. Myself (Duncan) and Charlie Elliott first unwittingly came across this species while diving with Underwater Research Group in February 2019. Charlie spotted it and we photographed a few images. We thought nothing of it until we were contacted by the researchers who saw the posts go up facebook.

Female and male pair of red pipefish - Stigmatopora harastii

Common names for the species have been suggested: Harasti’s Pipefish or a Red Wide-bodied Pipefish.

Photos taken with a Sony A6300 / Fantasea Line housing

16mm with +6 diopter

1/125 F20 ISO 250

Read the full research article here at Zookeys or copying the follow url into your browser

Researchers: Andrew Trevor Jones and Graham Short

Named after: David Harasti

Images taken by: Duncan Heuer

A pair of red pipefish - Stigmatopora harastii

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